Thursday, September 07, 2006

No. 71

This won't be everyone's cup of tea. So if it ain't then avoid and ignore. If you like it you do, if not you don't.
If it goes over well I may put up other editions later. If not, C'est la Vie.
Otherwise this is a redacted version of a Newsletter that goes out to all of my friends, business associates, partners, etc. I used to pump it out once a month or so but with current workloads it has been 3 or more months since my last edition. It covers most of what I do and encounter, my experiments, contacts, case files, international affairs, work, etc... within a given time period. It looks like I've read a lot or maybe accomplished a lot lately but this edition covers a three month or more lapse.

If I can get my musical composition files attached then they will be attached, if not, I won't.
NSTR is the acronym for Nothing Significant to Report. No current action taken.

Here is 71.

"Lay on, Macduff,
And damn'd be him that first cries 'Hold enough!'"

"Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers."

"What man is so wise that he cannot abide the company of the Dead?"

INTRO: Change of Education, Development Completions, Sports, Camps, Summer, etc, Finding of the Scroll, Preparing to Move and Landscaping, New screens and Eye Exercises, new SUV, New PS2, Theatre Design Idea

ADMIN: Word 2000, Dragon Naturally Speaking 7, New Flatscreen Monitors


BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS: I've entered into a sort of loose Idea Exchange/Business partnership with... (which is the way I prefer to do business, rather than trying to work every angle myself). He seems bright, capable and possessed of good ideas. I hope that in the near future once he completes some of his projects that we can work more closely together on various projects which so far seems to include ideas on games, software designs, video and computer games, inventions and so forth.
I'm also talking with ... about his new project and a possible start up venture in which I would take a passive investment role but also possibly help secure more investors, and reinvest in his project in the future. We've already exchanged documents and had a call on the matter. It sounds interesting though I'm still waiting on a full schematic and design release.
Continuing to reduce our personal and family debt and I have set aside a couple of grand for help with the move.
Thinking about investing again in real estate, possibly in some REITs I've been studying. But I'm mostly considering mortgage (paper) buys right now and, possibly also land with a side attachment.

FAMILY AFFAIRS: Things seem to be moving quite well on the efforts to secure the new house. Appreciate all the prayers, advice and assistance from everyone. We may even be able to get a good deal through the Farm Bureau since it is a rural estate. Keep praying. If there is anything you would like our prayers or help on, just ask.

The wife got a new SUV, a huge mother called a Sequoia, though I call it my Canyonero. She came home one day and said, "Can I get a new SUV, I'm tired of the old one." I told her sure, you handle it because I'm tired of handling vehicle purchases. She got a sweet vehicle and believe it or not even though it is newer than her old SUV and far, far larger, it is less in payments and the insurance is cheaper. She can really put together a good deal when she tries. The thing is so big and you sit so high up though that I actually have trouble at ATM machines, having to reach way down to get my money. Toyota is a great vehicle though, really good Jap make. It's also funny to me to be driving down the road and looking down on all the other SUV drivers because I sit so high up. Now I get to be one of those ass drivers in the monster SUVs who I used to complain so much about. Which makes me laugh to myself everytime I think about it. But I think we're gonna keep this baby awhile. I'm even thinking of installing special compartments in it like the modifications I made in my car so I can carry extra equipment.

My old PS2 kept going on the fritz, and even after taking it apart, cleaning the boards, checking all of the circuits and changing the batteries it would still on occasion act up. So I bought one of those new slimline PS2s and baby, that thing rocks. Plays far better than the original. And incredibly small and compact. I've made some modifications to the old one but haven't had the time to test them yet. If the modifications work I'll dump the old PS1 and give the old PS2 to the girls for their entertainment center.

The girls have already started their summer activities. 4H Camps, Soccer camps, classes at the Science Center (my oldest is taking rocketry, biology, robotics and AI, my youngest chemistry and natural science- since I have friends at the observatory they also get special trips to the observatory- I love that telescope myself), Vacation Bible School, Acting Classes, a Gymnastics camp, cheerleading camp, some Girl scout stuff and whatnot. They really love what they get to do in the summer. They are also looking forward to the move.

Got a couple of letters from Juan, our foster son in South America. Seems the presents we sent him and his family for Easter and his birthday got him a lot of neat new stuff, including a real bed with mattress. This is his first ever bed. His health has improved dramatically as well as the artwork he does for us. I understand from the mission workers that he's now competing at soccer and is big enough and healthy enough to play well. It's good to see our charity money used to make a kid strong and healthy and capable and competitive. One day I'm gonna have to bring him to the States for a summer. the girls would love that. He's gonna grow into a fine young man if he keeps this up.

PERSONAL AFFAIRS: Attended Lecture by Thom Barnett, author of The Pentagon's New Map. Perhaps the best Naval Analyst I have ever read and seen speak. He has an absolutely fascinating theory on how to connect Military power and Economic market forces to recreate the global socio-political-military zones. I highly recommend his book and watching him speak if you get the chance.

I also purchased large, new flatscreen monitors for both computers in my home network. Extremely good purchases. I can work for hours and hours without any eyestrain at all. I have also noticed that I can go straight from these screens to my sensory exercises without any strain at all. With all the new tech upgrades I've made lately I've also become hugely more efficient.

I've taken to hitting the baseball again, but I'm out of stride so I'm still working back up to my old records. I injured myself throwing the discus as well, but I'm still throwing anyway, just gingerly. And I'm back up to hiking 2 to 3 miles a day in full pack. So I'm getting into good shape again after injury and laziness. I've taken up Tai Chi again too and practice when I can. Boxing will probably have to wait until the summer.

I'm also trying to reestablish some of my old international contacts, people I haven't heard from in years. Especially some old buddies at the University of Saint Petersburg and some old Russian contacts.

LOCAL AND STATE AFFAIRS: I actually had a dream about this happening two nights before it did, but in my dream it was my kids and I was the one who was drown trying to save them. In my dream both my daughters were saved.

Upstate Pastor Drowns Trying To Rescue Kids
Father Of Four Had Been Pastor For Four Months
POSTED: 11:23 pm EDT May 26, 2005
UPDATED: 6:00 am EDT May 27, 2005
WARE SHOALS, S.C. -- An Upstate pastor died Thursday while trying to rescue two of his children from the Saluda River in Ware Shoals, authorities said.
Tim Bailey, a father of four, was sitting along the river in a Ware Shoals park watching his son and daughter slide down a rock into the water when just before 1:30 p.m., they needed help.
"He went into get them and had both kids under his arm," said Police Chief Mickey Boland. "He was struggling to keep himself and two kids above water and water was up over his head. It's about an 8-foot-deep hole there."
Another man at the park helped Bailey's son and daughter out of the water. Boland and others searched for Bailey. "Approximately about 5 to 10 feet area from where he went under, we found him," said Boland. "It did make it tougher when I found out it was my pastor." Bailey, 34, had been a pastor at Calvary Baptist Church for the past four months. "He was a fine young man who was fitting into the community well," said church member Buddy Wiles. "Loved people and was very friendly. He will be missed, but the church will go on, because we believe that is what he would want us to do." Tim Bailey is not the first person to drown at the park. Four years ago, a 17-year-old boy walking on the rocks slipped into the water and drowned.
Funeral services have not yet been set.


Glad they kept this "Silent"

CIA war game simulates major Internet attack
Thu May 26, 2005 03:21 PM ET
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Top News
Insurgents say killed Japanese hostage in Iraq
Car bombs, shooting kill 11, wound 70 in Iraq
Saudi King Fahd stable - foreign minister
By David Morgan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The CIA is conducting a cyber-war game this week geared to simulate a major Internet attack by enemy computer hackers, an intelligence official said Thursday.
Dubbed "Silent Horizon," the three-day unclassified exercise is based on a scenario set five years in the future and involves participants from government and the private sector.
"These are people who could likely be affected or enlisted in a real situation," the intelligence official said.
"Its goal is to help the United States recognize indicators of a large-scale cyber attack." The exercise was being conducted in Charlottesville, Virginia, by members of the CIA's Information Operations Center, which evaluates foreign threats to U.S. computer systems, particularly those that support critical infrastructures. It was expected to conclude Thursday.
The federal government has conducted various attack simulations since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, which killed about 3,000 people and prompted the U.S. war on terrorism.
Top U.S. intelligence officials say it may be only a matter of time before the United States is attacked again by terrorist groups including Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda. Cyber attacks, which have drawn less publicity than possible chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks, are viewed by U.S. officials as a potential al Qaeda weapon against the U.S. economy. Online crime has exploded in recent years, a result of organized crime groups based in Eastern Europe. But investigators so far have uncovered few links to Islamic extremists. "We have not uncovered any significant links to terrorism," said Brian Nagel, assistant director of investigations for the U.S. Secret Service, in an interview with Reuters last week. But there are some signs that Islamic extremists are getting into the act. An Indonesian man named Imam Samudra, who was found guilty of the 2002 Bali nightclub blasts, included a chapter entitled "Hacking: Why Not?" in his autobiography. While hackers have uncovered holes in power plants and other infrastructure, experts say terrorists are likely to favor conventional attacks as long as they are possible. "When it's really too hard to bring kinetic weapons in ... the bad guys will turn to cyber attacks," said Allan Paller, chief executive of the SANS Institute, a nonprofit security-training organization. JOKES: Joe was moderately successful in his career, but as he got older he was increasingly hampered by incredible headaches. When his personal hygiene and love life started to suffer, he sought medical help. After being referred from one specialist to another, he finally came across a doctor who solved the problem. "The good news is I can cure your headaches... The bad news is that it will require castration. You have a very rare condition which causes your testicles to press up against the base of your spine. The pressure creates one hell of a headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove the testicles." Joe was shocked and depressed. He wondered if he has anything to live for. He couldn't concentrate long enough to answer, but decided he had no choice but to go under the knife. When he left the hospital, his mind was clear, but he felt like he was missing an important part of himself. As he walked down the street, he realized that he felt like a different person. He could make a new beginning and live a new life. He walked past a men's clothing store and thought, "That's what I need: a new suit." He entered the shop and told the salesman, "I'd like a new suit." The salesman eyed him briefly and said, "Let's see... size 44 long." Joe laughed, "That's right, how did you know?" "It's my job." Joe tried on the suit. It fit perfectly. As Joe admired himself in the mirror, the salesman asked, "How about a new shirt?" Joe thought for a moment and then said, "Sure..." The salesman eyed Joe and said, "Let's see... 34 sleeve and... 16 and a half neck" Joe was surprised, "That's right, how did you know?" "It's my job." Joe tried on the shirt, and it fit perfectly. As Joe adjusted the collar in the mirror, the salesman asked, "How about new shoes?" Joe was on a roll and said, "Sure..." The salesman eyed Joe's feet and said, "Let's see... 9-1/2... E." Joe was astonished, "That's right, how did you know?" "It's my job." Joe tried on the shoes and they fit perfectly. Joe walked comfortably around the shop and the salesman asked, "How about a new hat?" Without hesitating, Joe said, "Sure..." The salesman eyed Joe's head and said, "Let's see... 7-5/8." Joe was incredulous, "That's right, how did you know?" "It's my job." The hat fit perfectly. Joe was feeling great, when the salesman asked, "How about some new underwear?" Joe thought for a second and said, "Sure..." The salesman stepped back, eyed Joe's waist and said, "Let's see... size 36." Joe laughed, "No, I've worn size 34 since I was 18 years old." The salesman shook his head, "You can't wear a size 34. It would press your testicles up against the base of your spine and give you one hell of a headache."

INVESTIGATIONS: Interesting Coinkydink, though this case has taken some strange and fascinating turns so far, including the links it has dredged up regarding previous cases.
Most every other case in the area the locals or Feds have closed down quickly so I've returned to working some Cold Case files as well as assisting some people with their stuff.
I'm working some old murders and still following the homicides outside my jurisdiction (I use that term loosely and in a self-imposed fashion of course) to see what if anything will be turned
on those multiple homicides. Especially as regards the motorcycle murders. Like many of you guys I still think about the possible links to that multiple homicide at the bank, but nothing has shaken loose yet.


a. Somatic/Genetic- I've returned to my personal experiments on solar radiation as a possible food source to bypass chemical absorption. Because humans are not genetically constructed like Lizards and because I cannot genetically modify myself by the introduction of alien (external) genetic material it has occurred to me that the best way to proceed might be to find some way to measure solar radiation doses in conjunction with how that radiation might assist with the more efficient digestion of and chemical consumption of chemical food. Since I cannot at this stage produce a human being with the ability to directly absorb solar radiation for energy like a lizard does and because solar radiation causes cellular degeneration of human skin tissue it occurs to me that perhaps I can develop within myself a sort of hybrid reaction which still burns chemical food but uses solar radiation to assist with breakdown and efficiency in chemical food reactions. Either to cause more complete digestion and absorption or to lessen my requirements for chemical food sources so that my intake can be reduced, thus increasing my endurance to starvation. A Hybrid reaction seems quite feasible but only real experimentation will prove the matter. Summer is a good time to proceed.
I've also returned to my metaergogenic experiments with the intention of once again reducing my need for sleep and to increasing my speed of recovery from training injuries.

Also I guess I should mention my experimentations on my dogs to increase their intelligence and augment their capabilities. J. can tell you how successful they have been in the sense of security training and possible overall intelligence increases, as he has seen them in action. I'm also trying to teach them to read by association based upon a modification of experiments conducted by an English Lord who taught his dogs to read word placards.

b. Aesic- NSTR

c. Psychaec- NSTR

d. ACUT- I've undertaken some non-localized tracking experiments, based on prior experiments of mine. This time I will be narrowing my focus and trying to enhance my anticipatory abilities.

e. Composition/Design- various experiments underway mainly in regards to musical composition and to relating human alphabetic, script, and speech patterns to musical notation and composition. I'm starting to develop protocols for foreign languages now as well, not just for English only
And I've had sort of a breakthrough on pattern arrangement for my encryption machine and the Trans-Phonocyphatypic alphabet. That stuff that has been sent to me regarding quantum encrypting has been very useful research. Thanks for the stuff you sent me.
While attending Revenge of the Sith with my nephew I had an idea for a new type of theatre. See Inventions.

I've also found a way to transcribe all of my Old Notebooks onto files by projection. Working on the crossover now.
Working on the New Media Project and the New Module Project. I'll discuss those separately and later.

MEDIA REVIEWS: Critiqued in value from 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

I, robot - not bad for a Hollywood effort but a complete screw up of Asimov's very good work. As a film a 6, as an adaptation, 2.
AI - the best sci-fi movie Spielberg has yet to make. 9
Hornblower: Retribution, Duty, Loyalty - one of the best works in the whole Hornblower series. 10
Capturing the Friedmans - an excellent case study for a film 9.
Brother's Keeper - also an excellent case study/documentary. 9
Top Dog CD - as you know I've been training my mastiffs. This was an extremely helpful training CD.
Saw- This could have been a good film and it had it's interesting dramatic moments and a very clever conclusion. It juts never quite got there intact. 6
The Village - extremely good, psychologically creepy and far, far, far more frightening than Sixth Sense which put me to sleep and bored me with it's depictions of the dead. The dead in Sixth Sense made me yawn in apathy. I give the Village a 9.
The Bourne Supremacy - better in many ways I thought than the original. The fight sequences were excellent for a Hollywood version of hand to hand combat. The economy of motion was good, you could feel the fluidity and actually sense some of the personal danger of close combat. One fight in particular reminded me of our old sword fights. It was still far too Hollywood for a real depiction of espionage but his preparations as an agent were good, though to be honest he often walked into situations he could have easily avoided with a little forethought and better intelligence up front. At times he seemed a brilliant agent, at times clumsy and amateurish. 7Napoleon Dynamite - I cannot recommend this film enough. In some ways it was like reliving my childhood. I mentioned it to the guys I grew up with and they all agreed. We never had a Pedro, but I wish we had. The funniest film I've seen in years and years. Now one of my favorite comedies. I laughed at some scenes till I nearly puked. 10The Last Samurai - excellent historical piece. Recommend it. 7The Core - God almighty this stank. I blew ten minutes of my life on this load, all I could stomach. Forget it. It's too stupid even for teenagers. 2
Blade Trinity - It's is difficult to assign a numerical rating that will accurately reflect the deproverty (combination of depravity and poverty) of this film, or whatever it is. Negative numbers don't quite reflect the vacuum of this thing because they still evoke negative values. This thing is without value. So I'm giving it a complete Cipher, 0.
Alone in the Dark - This could have been an excellent film given the premise and because I am a very big fan of the video game for PS1 I had high expectations. They were completely crushed. This movie had nothing about it which even remotely resembled the mystery, horror, atmosphere and tension of the video game. It's one redeeming factor was that it was not Blade Trinity. -3
The Incredibles - excellent crossover child/adult/family movie. Loaded with allusions to comics which most adults and many kids will understand. I like films written on multiple levels, the comedy is usually very sophisticated and usually very good. 8
The Grudge - interesting, but like most American remakes of Japanese horror films it is of lesser quality than the original. The Ring is the only American remake I've seen which competes nicely with the original, and I have both the Ring and Ringu in my personal film libraries. A couple of really good fright scenes though. 8
Godsend - bad. very bad. couldn't watch it all. 4
Collateral - stank. ditto. 3
Suspect Zero - whereas this film is possessed of an interesting premise (I too have conducted such experiments and still do) it is mucked up in typical Hollywood fashion. The film does have an interesting sequence on a Remote Viewing experiment which is far more presentable than anything in the film and far more dramatic than anything in the film. If the film had followed the lines of the actual experiment it could have been good, done almost in a documentary fashion. 6
Septem8er Tapes - this has one of the most realistic small arms and small group combat sequences I've ever seen in a fictional film. It is documentary quality and the whole production is documentary quality. 9
The Lion in Winter - with Patrick Stewart. I liked this version as well as the original and I can't even stand Glenn Close. She was a real hag. Stewart did a Shakespearean job. Brilliant 9
Revenge of the Sith - excellent film. As good as the Empire. Tied for best of the series in my opinion. 10 While in the theatre we also saw a preview for the film, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It looks form what I saw to be a fantastic work and I can hardly wait to take my kids to see it this Christmas. A fine time to debut such a film, Easter would have been good as well. I'm beginning to take hope in filmmaking again; what with the Star Wars, LOTR, Batman, Spiderman, Master and Commander films and so forth. We may be in the early stages of a new Renaissance in film, even in kid's films like the Incredibles and Narnia. About time.
The Train (Burt Lancaster) - extremely good. 9
Ironclads - Monitor versus the Merrimack. First real engagement of semi submersible boats. Excellent film about the early development of submarine warfare and a good Naval warfare picture. 8
Master and Commander - along with Damn the Defiant (which makes me long for the sea and the sails) this has become my favorite among Naval Combat films. 10
Return of the King: the extended director's cut - the extended scene in the Houses of the Dead made the whole thing worth viewing just by itself. He should have left that whole sequence in the theatrical version. 10
The Nest- about a small combination police/military force who are ambushed by an ICC (organized criminal cartel) in an armored vehicle while transporting an Eastern European terrorist and serial rapist in Albania. After fleeing to a warehouse the escort force discovers that the warehouse was being robbed of computer stores by a gang of armed robbers. The robbers and the escort force must work cooperatively to avoid being overrun and slaughter by the Cartel intent on rescuing their former boss/general. Not bad. 7
Infection- This is another Japanese horror film, and since the Japs are making the best horror films in the world right now, I always try to study their films. This is purely ingenious and it is so horrific at times that even I can't watch it without turning sideways, and as you guys know I've seen some horrific stuff. I don't want to say anything about it except for this, it is so horrific and bleak that in many ways it reminds me of the hospital scenes in the original Silent Hill Game. Incredible and I highly recommend it. 10
Primer- another ingenious film that I don't want to describe except to say that it has to do with time experiments and that it has an incredibly good plot. 10
Lemony Snicketts: A Series of Very Unfortunate Events- the girls made me watch this movie with them and after it was over I was glad they did. It was a terrific film, as good for adults as for kids. Carey was brilliant, and the cut scenes were even funnier than the stuff in the film. The man is ingeniously funny. 9

Television- As you guys and dolls know I don't watch a lot of television, aside from lectures and the news, no time for it. But what I have seen worth mentioning is this:
Stargate Atlantis - Season Finale: an excellent piece of work. Finely done. The entire show is extremely well done.
Smallville - Season Finale: an incredibly good finale. After that I got to see a ten minute preview of the upcoming Batman film. I know now and am confident that somebody who can make a film finally understands enough to make a real film about the Batman. I am in anticipation. I want to see utter darkness, grit, terror, isolation, a great deal of Vadding, good tool making and tool using skills, manhunting and real detective work. Everything all the other films completely lacked. Plus I've seen Christian Bale at work recently. He's dark enough and crazy enough to make it work. He's possessed. Only the insane and possessed could ever be the Batman, as you already know. So I know this will work as a film. It has certainly taken long enough to get to this point.
Battlestar Galactica- season finale: an excellent final episode for the season. This is without a doubt the single best Science Fiction show for television since the original Star Trek. It's deep, deep frontier.

Music- The Mikado 8
Genesis, the Way we Walk, Live in Concert 7
Vivladi, 12 Sonatas for Violin and Continuo 9
Thelonius Monk at Lincoln Center 8 - Misterioso was especially good track
Mussorgsky, orch by Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition- one of my favorite works by Mussorgsky, especially the Great Gates of Kiev 9

Games- NSTR

Video Games-
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater - completed it finally. I'd say it was as good if not better than previous Metal Gear Games. The camo selection was excellent even if a bit unrealistic at times. The ability to use adaptive camouflage, even in a primitive form was great fun. The equipment and weapon selections were fantastic though Snake was able to carry far too much gear for any sense of realism, especially for a stealth operative. Snake is an extremely good and interesting character. Fascinating even. 10
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow- I'm nearly finished. I'm at the last mission, I think. Because of my work load I only get to play video games about once every month and then only for about an hour or so. I have a huge backlog of both console and computer games I wonder if I'll ever even get to play, much less finish. This game had some really good infiltration missions, the Submarine and the Submarine complex were extremely good. I was actually nervous making my first move into the sub, it was such a restricted environment with so little room to maneuver or hide. Stealth was difficult. Overall the game is more realistic as an infiltration simulation than Metal Gear but far less fun to play because Fisher has such narrow mission and operational parameters, and he lacks the tactical and mission felicity of Snake. I hear though that in Chaos Theory Fisher is allowed to cut loose and the player can determine how he infiltrates, fights and plays. I will like that much better. 8

Books/Audio Books/DVD Books- .
On Intelligence
The Last Knight - I highly recommend this book. A true display of real Knighthood and what real Knights were like.
The Private Prayers of Pope John Paul II- the former Pope had developed some really, really interesting prayers especially as concerns human and personal suffering. Gave real insight.
Memory and Identity- also by John Paul. Not a theological work but a sort of theo-political thesis. Very interesting. Had some fascinating chapters like; Mysterium Iniquitatis, Ideologies of Evil, Towards a Just Use of Freedom, the Mystery of Mercy, Patria, and the Relationship between Church and State. Stuff we've all discussed before at length. He also had a fascinating chapter on the Evangelization of Eastern and Central Europe which was especially interesting to me. One of the best of all of John Paul's books.
History of the Church by Eusebius - excellent ancient source eon the history of the church. Wish I had read this years ago.
Why I am a Muslim - by a female Sufi. Personally I think Sufism is the great, overlooked possible internal salvation of Islam. Although I have been pleasantly impressed with Shia in Iraq lately, as opposed to the Shia of Iran (or I should say the Shia leaders of Iran, who are a very real danger rot the whole world). Sufism has the potential to liberalize and reform Islam if Wahhabism can be crushed.
Prayer of Jabez - one of the most excellent small studies I've ever undertaken.
Winning the Future by Newt Gingrich - as usual Gingrich's genius is as readily apparent as in the classes I watched him teach. The best first person, direct book on politics I have read in ten years or more
Byzantium The imperial Centuries By Ron Molly JenkinsThe Churches of Eastern Christianity By Rev. B. J. Key Ed.
Swear to God,The Power and Bright Promise of the Sacraments By Scott Hahn - an excellent if somewhat unusual exposition and spiritual analysis of the SacramentsByzantium By Tamara RiceEusebius the Church History Translated By Paul Maier - a different translation of and annotated analysis of EusebiusRaising Rover By Judith Halliburton - an excellent resource for basic dog trainingBeating Back the Devil By Maryn McKenna - an excellent little book on bioterrorism and on communicable pathogenic disease organisms, especially the more newly created modern infections
The Byzantine Commonwealth Eastern Europe 500 To 1453 - probably the best general history of the Byzantine Empire I have read in my researches.Samurai By StephenTurnbullThe City of Constantinople - the best book on the city proper and her history I have readA Concise History of Byzantium - the best concise or small history I have read on Byzantium.Byzantium the Empire of New RomeThe Early Creation of the Byzantine WorldThe Compleat Gentleman - an exposition of the Art and Virtues of being a Gentleman. This is one of the better books I've read in a decade and the author is brilliant. I very, very highly recommend this book. Ties together all aspects of the Gentleman, Chivalry, Knighthood and Manhood; military, physical, political, social, personal and spiritual. Extremely well done and a very spiritual book for men. Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters - a good primer on anatomy representation in high art and how to imitate from the works of the masters themselves.
The Miracle Detective - extremely interesting book from an extremely interesting journalist
Illustrated Guide to Edible Plants - Department of the Army - very useful survival manual.
The Right Nation - one of the better third party books on politics I have read in a long time. Very provocative. Couldn't agree with everything but the analysis was incredibly well done.
This Man's Army
Crime School: Money Laundering by Chris Mathers (undercover officer) foreward by Norman Inkster, Former Commission of the RCMP and former President of Interpol. Good primer on basic tracking of fund laundering. Also had some interesting insights on undercover work.
Inside the Asylum : Why the UN and Old Europe are worse than you think - read this book.

The Pentagon's new map : war and peace in the twenty-first century - truly excellent analysis. Best Naval Intel analyst I have ever read. I give this book a 10.

London 1849 : a Victorian murder story
Jewish spirituality : a brief introduction for Christians
The Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques- extremely interesting and useful. I actually learned a few new things. I may add this to my personal library.

The Tipping Point: How Little things Can Make a Big difference - read this book
The Barbarian Conversion: From Paganism to Christianity- very well done, a bit pedantic, but extremely useful.
The Second Creation- a work on cloning and biological control
The Second Tree: Stem Cells, Clones, Chimeras and the Quest for Immortality
Hunting the Jackal- especially good book
America's Secret War- good book
Warrior Soul- not a bad first hand account form a Navy SEAL. Well written I thought.
Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces
Blowing My Cover- an entertaining and interesting look at the Company from a former female agent. Realistically exposes a lot of the crap of Company life.
Death's Acre- another good book on the Body Farm and forensic study of somatic degeneration
Lab 257- I may have already mentioned this book, but if I haven't then read it. It's on Plum Island. Excellent bit of Research. 9
Germs- another book on pathogens and biological warfare
The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham - reread it - read it
On War by Clausewitz - reread it
Hardboiled Hollywood

The Biographies I Have Read of Late:

King Alfred the Great - very scholarly work filled with much useful historical and psychological information.
The Bush Family: Photographic Biography
Brahms his life and work: biography - the best biography I have recently read on any composer
Darwin by Desmond and Moore: biography - one of the better biographies I have ever read on Darwin. Extremely well annotated and researched.
Swamp Fox: The life and campaigns of Francis Marion - one of my favorite guerilla commanders. We need far more Marions to fight terrorists.
St. Patrick of Ireland- I've read better biographies on Patrick but this was a good short biography
Devil in the White City - this is a biography of Henry Holmes (Mudgett), of the Chicago's World Fair, of the abattoir he created to slaughter and dissect human bodies, and the Detectives (like Geyer) who hunted Holmes to ground and execution. It is the single best and most creatively original biography of a serial killer I have ever read. 10
My Life Among the Serial Killers- very interesting as both a biography and theoretical construct on criminology and serial killers
Somerset Maugham: A Life- an extremely good biography of an extremely good writer. Like Sir Isaac Newton he worked for awhile as a secret agent for the British Government. Fascinating man.

As you know I read almost no fiction of any kind at all but recently I have been trying to force myself to do so. I can read literature easily enough but modern genre crap
both bores and disgusts me. No work of fiction is ever as interesting as the real world.
Nevertheless these are my recent efforts at reading Fiction:

Ivanhoe - my third reread of the book
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - my fifth reread of the work
The Runes of the Earth
A Princess of Mars- Burroughs and Doyle are some of the few fiction writers who I can read with pleasure.
The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes, Volumes 1 and 2- extremely useful. Doyle was a Renaissance Man and it definitely shows in his writings and annotations.
Trinity- a graphic novel about Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Excellent.
World Tour- a graphic novel about the X-Men
Rebirth- about the end of Hal Jordan as the Spectre (one of my favorite comic characters) and his return to the Green Lantern Corp. Very Well done.
Breakout- I have been reading this series off and on form Marvel in various books. The only tow works by Marvel I have ever really liked were Spiderman and Daredevil (who is the Marvel Batman). Never cared for the other books much. But many of the Avengers have been destroyed and they have formed a new team which includes Cap, Spiderman, Iron Man, (maybe DD later) and some other actually interesting team members like Luke Cage. Now don't get me wrong, the New Avengers are no Justice League of America, but if this keeps up then they might just make the book interesting enough to add to my monthly reading list of comics. It's dark, gritty and the heroes are interesting, even Cap is becoming fun to watch. It's still sappy sometimes but at least not consistently.
The OMAC Project- a very interesting mini-series offering through DC. I'm following it mainly through the Batman books and the JLA. It starts out very well with the assassination of the Beetle.

It's funny, my wife used to hate comics when we first married. Now she often sends me out to the comic book store to fetch her comics, even when I don't want to go. Luckily we have the same tastes in this regard.

Theory Papers/Essays/Analyses- Turning Open Source Data into Knowledge About Global Threats
Collection and Preservation of Evidence for Unusual Disorganized Crime Scenes
Behavior Evidence: Understanding Motives and Developing Suspects in Unsolved Serial Rapes through Behavioral Profiling Techniques
Geographic Profiling and Asset Development
The Recovery of Human Remains
Central Asia: Terrorism, Religious Extremism and Regional Stability
Kidnapping and Hostage Taking
The Novel Craft of Intelligence
Abductive Inference
Fuzzy Approaches to Abductive Inference
The Musical Languages of Elliot Carter
Four Dubliners
I also read Mendelssohn's score of his Octet for Strings. I have had it in my library for some time but never had the time to read it fully. It's a copy from the original in his own hand and since his script is spidery like Tolkien's sometimes it's difficult to read.

Also articles on the Creation of the Bose-Einstein condensate and an excellent one on Bio Fluid Magnetism. Also a good article on Probiotics, and one on Gibberellin Growth Regulators and their possible Effect on Prion Disorders and Cellular Necrosis.

Fiction- I've written some more on the Rage stories and I've gotten some ways on the Assault on Hell.
I'm still working on my Curae novels and on Tiamat. I've also rewritten some scenes in the Basilegate.
I've written some on the children's stories; the Dog Who Would Be Man, the Secret Egg and Three Lands.
Non Fiction-
I have written much on the case of the Interesting Coinkydink, at least up to this point in the case. Many seem to like the way I have approached detailing the case.
I've also finished my interview questions which will allow me to conduct a recorded interview with J this week on his missionary work in South America and his new job working with Leper Colonies in South East Asia. I'm looking forward to doing the interview.
Theory Papers/Essays/Analyses/Articles- I have rewritten parts of the Aye of God. I have also rewritten and edited to a much better form The Wailing Lance and Gnostic Realism. As for my Theory Papers about the only one I have had time to work on is my Biological Process Theory, on which I've made a few strides forward thanks to some online debates and I've worked a little on the mathematical calculations for my theory of Mass Gravity Hyperdimensionality and the curvature of Space (aka Gravity of God) but haven't got far due to time restrictions and having to work on other things.
I've worked to a small degree on my papers regarding God Technology, and it gave rise to a second work, Christological Relationships between Science, Scientists and God Technology.
I'm working slowly on my overall Political Strategy, Individual Education Accounts and some on the essay of the Three Supermen.
Scientific Works- see above.
Poetry/Lyrics/Songs- Nearly finished with the book of poetry Horror of Great Darkness. I could leave it as it already is but would like to edit and include some older works in the book. Same for the Bliss of Terror (though I'm gonna retile that to avoid misunderstandings by others in this day and age).
Have also written some new blues songs and a couple of rock/folk songs. Continuing to work on the Libretto for Lord Storm and Beauty.
Musical Compositions- I really haven't had much time to compose lately, what with other things going on. I have worked out the basic melody on the piano of a piece I'm calling, Betokened and I've written a few more measures for Falling Away Blues. I've attached both files but not much more than that.
My MIDI files won't upload. Can't post my compositions here. You're lucky.
Artwork/Architecture/Design- Rather than working in my sketch books or developing some of my pieces I have spent most of my developmental time in reworking design drafts both for my personal estate and for the New Church, for which I have added two upper areas running along the length of the lower Nave and across the two Wings.
Game/TSS Designs- Mainly working on Terra Ghantik. Good deal of progress in my free time, have put much of it in format and ordered for eventual publication. Also have ordered some new historical books to enhance my research of the time frame and milieu.
Video/Computer/TSS Game Designs- mainly been working on the outlines and plot developments of the Vadder. Have made some progress, but not as much as I would like due to other things.
Inventions- New Theatre idea/design. While attending the showing of the Revenge of the Sith in the first all digital theatre in town (I can't say enough about these all digital theatres, even the projection ones, because the picture was like HD and digital and watching it caused no eyestrain for me at all- it was beautiful) I was struck by an idea for the construction of a new type of film theatre. I probably got the idea from my sensory exercise routine, along with the sheer size of the place, which was mammoth. A single showing room (single theatre) sat over 600 people and the ceiling was huge as well, very high, which had a strange but pleasant effect on the acoustics. Anyway I'm working on a preliminary architectural sketch for my idea now. More on that later, when I get my notes in order.
Also working on a Non Lethal. the basic design will use subsonic acoustics at overlapping frequencies to create a sense of extreme disorientation, loss of balance and nausea in the target. The main focus will be loss of balance to an extent capable of rendering most targets so disoriented that they will be unable to stand. With hostages and with civilians and non-combatants this will hopefully force them off their feet where they will be more easily discriminated from the combatants/suspects and also they are less likely to be hit by either hostile or friendly fire. For the combatants or suspects this sense of extreme disorientation will limit their combat/hostile capabilities and render them more susceptible to either subdual or lethal attack. The weapon will have both military and law enforcement applications and the weapon will be designed as a tactical area attack anti-personnel less than lethal/non-lethal, though it could be used as a lethal against aggressors if set to the proper frequencies.


WEBSITES/SOFTWARE: Dragon Naturally Speaking 7 - 9, I cannot recommend this Dragon VRS highly enough. I suspect most of the Dragon apps would be just as good depending on the OS. I know I've already spoken about this but this is great technology and extremely useful, especially for transcription.,1367,67629,00.html,1284,67652,00.html

Also I wanted to mention a couple of other things.

I have been gathering much of my news and information by RSS reader. I cannot recommend this technology highly enough since it saves me from a great deal of research time and navigational effort from one web site to another because the Reader downloads everything to your reader for you.

The RSS reader I use is SharpReader, but many good ones are available. I use SharpReader because I find the formatting to be clear and concise and useful and the linking system to be easy and flexible.

And secondly I also spend some time, when I can spare the time, watching web cam sites all over the world. I have several apps which allow me to do this but one of my favorite programs is WebCam Viewer 3.61 (current Version). I have used this program to great effect because of it's flexibility and because it allows easy tracking of host sites and contact information.

For instance at certain times of the year I watch an Antarctic Research Station. Once I made contact with some of the team/expedition members and corresponded with them by email while also watching their site (from a camera mounted external to their main building). It was great fun for me and I was able to learn a good deal about their research while simultaneously watching their outpost.

Also I enjoy tracking satellite positions which the viewer allows me to do. There are better and more specialized Web Cam programs but this is an excellent tool for the average guy.

Some of the sites/locales I personally enjoy watching are:

Air Force Institute of Technology
Aish Ha Torah's Wailing Wall Site
Bahnhof Zoo
Big Ben
Chandra X-Ray Satellite Observatory Site
DeLorean Motor company
Dome of Cologne
Einstein's Cafe in Austria
Euro Space Center
George Washington University
Ground Zero- New York
Hong Kong
Hubble Satellite Tracking Station
International Space Station
Jet Propulsion Lab (I've got friends there)
Lloyd's of London
Loch Lomond and Loch Ness
Moscow (a rotated site. They have one camera set up at a small, white Orthodox Church which seems to double as a police station. With a high refresh rate you can see some pretty amazing stuff go on there. I like the Kremlin camera's as well- interesting.)
Mt. Fuji Cams
NASA TV (lately I've been watching launch preps for the Shuttle)
Nikko Guam
Various NOAA stations (I often Vad the local NOAA site at the jetport)
Panama Canal
Pershing Site
Royal BC Museum
Scripp's Pier
Statue of Liberty
Trafalgar Square
USS Intrepid (I've been watching some of Fleet Week)




Deus Ordere et Facere Nos Verite

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